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Portuguese for Foreigners

SUN7 School is a small local school specialized in the teaching of Portuguese as a second language.

The school was created in 2008 by teachers who had experience in teaching Portuguese for foreigners in other language schools in Florianópolis.

The opportunity to open their own school provided these teachers with the freedom to research the most up-to-date theories and methods of foreing language teaching and learning and to develop their own approach to teaching Portuguese for foreigners.

SUN7 staff is always ready to help students not only with the Portuguese tutoring but also with everything that involves students' welfare in the city, such as finding accomodation and fun activities to do. In other words, students are always given special individual attention!

Here in our website, we present the city of Florianópolis, where the school is located, our facilities, methodology, and a bit about ourselves.


Welcome to SUN7 School!


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