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Basic Portuguese:

In this course you will learn to communicate in transactional conversations at a restaurant, at the bakery, at the pharmacy, at the supermarket, so to learn how to make requests and orders and how to ask about information and directions.

In this level you will learn to talk about yourself, your name, nationality, job, age, so as to start small conversations with locals. Some grammatical points in this level include: simple present, present continuous, past perfect, past imperfect, future simple, etc.

Intermediate Portuguese:

The intermediate course will introduce you to more complex conversations. This way, you will be presented to more vocabulary to talk about your plans, desires for the future, your wishes, your regrets, etc.

You will learn how to make invitations and how to accept or refuse them. Some grammatical points in this level include: present subjunctive, past subjunctive, future subjunctive, compound tenses, passive voice, etc. 

Advanced Portuguese:

The advanced course will help students to get more fluency by introducing them to more complex dialogues, institutional conversations, article readings, class discussions on controversial Brazilian topics, among others.

Some grammatical points include: Brazilian phonetics, accentuation, punctuation, and distance between spoken and written discourse, etc. In this level, there are plenty of activities using cultural expressions.

Course Length 

Students are free to choose when their course starts and ends.

Students enrolled in intensive courses usually study everyday, for one, two or three months, and for two or three hours a day.

Students enrolled in regular courses are the ones who are going to stay in Brazil for a longer period, so they usually study per semester for three or four hours a week.


Every week we have students coming and going, so our week is never the same.

Tell us when you are able to come to Brazil and we will send you our availability for the chosen dates.


For each course the student will get a different book. In our school, we have developed our own book for the basic course in Portuguese, with the audios included.

In the intermediate course, we use the book “Muito Prazer” with the audios to work with students. The book “ Português via Brasil” is used with advanced students. Moreover, we use the book “Falar, ler, escrever” as a support for homework in the three levels.

When students arrive for classes, they will receive the book corresponding to the course they are enrolled to.


Classes start on these dates:



January: closed


February: 6th and 20th


March: 6th and 20th



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