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Barra da Lagoa

Our School is located at Barra da Lagoa, a fishermen community and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Island.

Known for its good restaurants, Barra da Lagoa neighborhood is surrounded by Lagoa da Conceição (a big natural lake) whose region offers you many kinds of services and is also surrounded by Barra da Lagoa beach, an amazing landscape and a perfect beach for swimming.

The beach is one of the favorite for sailors looking for both wind and waves. It runs almost 650 meters and is oriented perfectly with respect to the wind creating nice waves and offering great surfing experience.

Many visitors come to Barra da Lagoa for gliding and hang-gliding as well.
The beach known for its clear and calm water with low salinity and fine sandy dunes is a traveller’s paradise. No wonder so many tourists from all parts of the world throng to the beach and it is on their list of not to be missed beaches. The local community population is about 8,000 and has a rich folklore celebrating ‘Tainha’ Party every year.

Tainha is nothing more than the name of the main fish caught in Barra da Lagoa in huge numbers during the harvesting time which falls in May thru August.
Barra da Lagoa has some of the finest restaurants and probably the best in the east coast beaches of Florianopolis.

Sun 7 School is only about 100 meters (0.06 miles) away from Barra da Lagoa Beach This way you can learn Portuguese and enjoy the beach before or after class. Barra also has an incredible variety of hostels and “pousadas” with the best prices of the East coast.

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