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For a long time now, Brazil's natural beauty and Carnival rendered it international fame, attracting thousands of tourists all year long. The number of foreigners visiting the country went from an average of 1.5 million per year in the 1990s to more than 4 million visitors per year from the year 2000 on, according to Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) Statistical Yearbook for 2003.

But there is a very special attraction that you only discover when you come here: the Brazilian people. Much beyond the breathtaking scenery, the way these people live surprises everyone with its simplicity, willingness, hope, hospitality and happiness.

Studies carried out by Embratur indicate that 75% of the tourists who seek Brazil as their vacation destination do so first of all because of the natural beauty. But once they arrive here, they find such hospitality that they soon become enchanted with the mixture of colors, races and cultures of the people as well.

According to their surveys, when foreign tourists are questioned about Brazil, they indicate happiness as the main characteristic of our people. Happiness that can be perceived in every moment they stay in the country  whether in our music, the warmth of our northeastern beaches, the lively Rio de Janeiro nightlife or the exuberant Amazon.

From this warm and festive spirit, popular displays such as Carnival, New Years Eve celebrations and June Parties arise, all famous for their liveliness and joy. It seems that the peoples desire to show what is good about Brazil transforms this vigor into creativity, flashed about in contagious colors and sounds.

Research carried out with international tourists who have already had the opportunity to know Brazil reveal that the visitor truly finds the country to be beautiful. The results also show that 52% of this public goes back home valorizing yet another aspect of this land: its people. After all, besides appreciating some of the most beautiful spots on the planet  including countless beaches, ecological paradises and historical cities,  the visitor is always accompanied by people who are willing to show the best points of every excursion, making the trip unforgettable.

Brazilian society is made up of descendants of migrants from Europe, Africa, and Asia. The climate makes it possible for Brazilians to spend a lot of time outside, among lots of people. Perhaps this is why Brazilians are known for their sociable, outdoor way of life.
The social, historical and economic development of Brazil is unique. Brazil has a large and growing economy, which currently presents great opportunities for investment.

Blessed by nature with white sandy beaches, lush green forests and a friendly people, Brazil is a country worth visiting.


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