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Questions about VISA

The process for the visa is usually two kind:

a) You can apply for a tourist visa that lasts 3 months and once you are in here, you can extend your visa for more 3 months (a simple process), totalizing a maximum of 6 months. With this tourist visa, you are allowed to study in language schools, such as ours.

b) If you want to get a student visa, it may last 6 months or more, and you have to get it from a regular course of a Brazilian school or university, that offers Elementary school, Junior High, High School, undergraduate course or graduate course. The Brazilian government does not allow foreigners to get student visas only by studying in language schools. 

Nowadays there are some universities offering Portuguese language courses for foreigners and because they are Governamental Universities they can give students the letters of enrollment that are accepted by the Brazilian Government.


Therefore, if you want to come to Brazil and study in language schools you only apply for the tourist visa. But, if you want to be here for more than 6 months, you need to have a student visa or a work visa.

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