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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I would like to know if you have discounts for off season.


A: Our discounts are based on two factors:

1) Students get a better price in their classes if they apply for an intensive course in Portuguese, wich means that they do at least 20 hours of classes. For example, private classes in regular courses (less than 20 hours) cost R$ 56 reais per hour, while private tutouring in intensive courses (more than 20 hours) cost R$ 45 reais per hour.

2) The second discount you can get it for payments in cash. You get a 10% discount in all courses offered, private or group, if you pay in cash when you arrive here.

In the example of the private classes above, you will pay for private regular classes R$ 56 reais minus 10% discount, which is then R$ 50 reais per hour. For private intensive classes you will pay R$ 45 reais minus 10% discount, which is then R$ 40 reais per hour.

In our website you also have the option to pay all your course through paypal, which doesn't include the 10% discount.

Q: I’d like to find out more about availabilities for group classes.

A: Our group classes consist of a maximum of five students and a minimum of two, so if you have other friends interested in learning Portuguese you can form your own group.

To attend group classes, you need to check the availability for the week you are planning to come and you also need to do a small Portuguese test so that we can evaluate your level in the language. We will send you the test through email.

Q: Now I'm very much wondering about accomodation when I am in Florianopolis. What are the options? Do you have family homestay?

A: In this part of the island, there are two accomodation options: pousadas (guesthouses) and hostels. We do not have family homestay.

Pousadas are the most common accomodation option in Barra da Lagoa and Lagoa da Conceição. They are usually run by local Brazilian families and they consist of a bedroom or two, a kitchen and a bathroom. All pousadas are equiped with household linen, kichenware, ceiling fan and WI FI. Some may also offer ar conditioning. Pousadas are perfect for people who preffer a quieter place. Average price of pousadas in High Season are R$ 130 reais per day (one bedroom) and in Low Season R$ 1000 reais per month (one bedroom).

There are also many hostels in Barra da Lagoa and Lagoa da Conceição surroundings. Just like in other hostels, here you will have a shared bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, as you pay for your bed. Hostels in Barra are really fun, Everyday they have a different schedule with boat trips, hikings and parties for you to have an amazing experience. Hostel are perfect for the youth, people who are short on their budget and who wouldn't care much about busy places. Average price for hostels in High Season are R$ 80 reais per day and in Low Season R$ 40 reais per day. 

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